We want you to get the care you deserve, and you deserve the best possible care.

Since 1974, when our clinic was founded on the principle that a woman deserves an absolute right to privacy and personal choice, West End Women’s Medical Group has been providing compassionate, expert abortion care.

Our foundation

Our clinic space was constructed in order to provide the latest, proven techniques, safely practiced by professional, highly-skilled staff. For much of the time we’ve been open, we have been the only clinic providing surgical abortion care, and sometimes any abortion care, to the people of Northern Nevada. We will continue to work to make sure this service is available to our community. Our staff is close-knit, and many have been with the clinic for over twenty years, because they are all passionate about providing this care to the community they know and love.

Abortion is legal in Nevada

Though the constitutional right to abortion was removed with the Supreme Court decision in June of 2022, abortion is still legal in Nevada. This is due in large part to a 1990 referendum passed by the direct vote by the people of Nevada. At the time, Dr. Stutes was integral in supporting this effort.

Our clinic will continue to fight for every person’s bodily autonomy, regardless of what lies ahead. We know not everyone is lucky enough to live in a state that values bodily autonomy, and we are proud to have been able to help many women from restrictive states.

Located near Reno International Airport (RNO) with abundant easy transportation and numerous hotels, we stand ready to receive out-of-state patients.


Because Nevada law does not require medical insurance to cover the cost of an abortion, and Nevada Medicaid does not cover the cost of abortion, many private insurance companies in Nevada do not cover abortion services. However, in many cases, the cost of an abortion at West End Women’s Medical Group is actually less than an insured patient’s co-payment would be if their insurance would cover abortion done in a hospital.

West End Women’s Medical Group accepts only cash for abortion services provided. We do not accept personal checks, credit cards, or money orders. Payment must be made prior to receiving services.

Financial assistance is available from the National Abortion Federation and other sources for those who quality. Please inquire if you need financial assistance and we can help direct you to resources.