A Very Special Thank You:

You Who Have Come So Very Far

The staff of the West End Women's Medical Group recognizes what an additional burden it is to travel for any medical treatment.  So, we want to extend an extra warm appreciation for those of you who have come from Las Vegas, San Francisco, Sacramento, Salt Lake and all those places around the world.  No, we can't name all the places, but we do thank you for coming so far, having such confidence that you were willing to endure hours of travel time to see us.   You have made the commitment to travel so far -- we will continue our commitment to be here for you.


For Your Referrals

We do, of course, thank all of you who send us referrals.  But more than that, we understand that you have faith in us, you have trusted us and you have sent us your friends and family when you were concerned for them.  All of us at the West End Women's Medical Group have a deep appreciation for your trust.  We recognize that to continue to earn that trust, we must continue to improve on the quality of patient care in every way we can.  We are always open to suggestions as to how to do that and we encourage you to share your opinions with us.

Your referrals have been the key to our success.  It may surprise you to learn that more than 50% of our new patients are referred by former patients.  For that, we do thank you so very much.allofus

We are proud to say that the West End Women's Medical Group is the ONLY Medical Office in Reno Certified by the National Abortion Federation.

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- 20 mar 2012 -