What's Required of You:

Time Required

Although the procedure itself takes only a few minutes, patients should plan their stay at the West End Women's Medical Group to be approximately 2 hours. You will also spend time talking with a counselor, and completing a few forms. Most patients are allowed to leave our facility after resting for approximately 30 minutes.

Leaving The Clinic

Because of the effects of medications, patients may not operate a moving vehicle for 8 hours following the procedure. Even though a patient who has been medicated may feel "normal" the medication affects their perceptions, like having too much alcohol to drink; therefore, it is necessary that a friend or family member who is capable of driving accompany the patient to the office. Before any patient is medicated, the person who is driving them must sign a paper certifying they are driving the patient home. Our staff will be happy to assist patients in making other arrangements for transportation from the clinic (bus, taxi, etc.) if a friend or family member not available. A waiting room is provided where friends or family members may wait for the patient while the procedure is performed. For the safety and comfort of all, there are no children allowed in the clinic.

We are proud to say that the West End Women's Medical Group is the ONLY Medical Office in Reno Certified by the National Abortion Federation.

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