Cost and Payment:


The abortion procedure at the West End Women's Medical Group includes the following:
   • The initial office visit.
   • An ultrasound.
   • Counseling.
   • All pre-procedure medications.
   • Special medication for Patients with Rh negative blood types.
            (some providers charge $60 for this medication)
   • The doctor's attendance and performance of the procedure.
   • Recovery lounge time and observation.
   • All post-procedure medications.
   • Procedure related patient care for the following 90 days.

When we quote you a price, it will be for the entire procedure and all associated care provided by us. You won't find any surprise costs for medications, supplies or other services that are not included in the price. We are not interested in competing on price with other abortion providers because we have a very high level of confidence in our ability to provide the best possible care and service. We still encourage you to compare costs, just be sure you are getting the true and complete costs.


The West End Women's Medical Group accepts only cash for the abortion services provided.  We do not accept personal checks, credit cards or money orders. Payment must be made prior to receiving services.


As a courtesy, our staff will assist patients in filling out insurance forms; however, we do not bill insurance companies for services rendered.


Since Nevada Law does not require Medical Insurance to cover the cost of an abortion, many Insurance Companies in Nevada do not cover abortion services. In many cases, the cost of an abortion at the West End Women’s Medical Group is actually less than an insured patient’s co-payment would be if their insurance would cover an abortion done in a Hospital.

We are proud to say that the West End Women's Medical Group is the ONLY Medical Office in Reno Certified by the National Abortion Federation.

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