The Abortion Experience:


In order to provide the physician with the best possible information and ensure the best quality care, the pregnancy will be confirmed by ultrasound. It is a quick and simple procedure. The results will be reviewed by trained staff and the doctor.


Meeting with a counselor will provide an opportunity to further discuss what happens before and after the procedure. You will have ample opportunity to address any questions or concerns that you may have. The counselor will review and explain the procedure used at the West End Women's Medical Group including outlining after-care instructions and providing appropriate post-procedure medications. You will be encouraged to discuss any additional questions with Dr. Stutes.

The abortion procedure used at the West End Women's Medical Group is the simplest and most modern method of pregnancy termination.


A variety of medications are provided to help you relax, simplify the procedure and help ensure a successful post-operative experience. The first of the medications will be provided well before the actual procedure begins. The counselor and the doctor are available to address questions regarding medications.

The Vacuum Aspiration Method

If you choose the safest, quickest and least complicated method, the doctor will use an advanced vacuum aspiration method to very quickly terminate the pregnancy. The procedure involves the use of a flexible plastic tube (cannula) that is about the size of a soda straw. From beginning to end, the entire procedure normally takes no more than 3 minutes. A doctor's assistant and/or a counselor will be present and available in the room throughout the procedure. Although patients are awake throughout the procedure, most patients believe they slept due to the effects of the medication. Some patients prefer to receive no sedation and, while we believe the medication is generally the best option for most patients, we support their decision. All patients also receive a special, highly effective local anesthetic developed by Dr. Eugene Glick, a leader in caring and gentle abortion technique, called a “Field Block” that effectively numbs sensitive nerves of the uterus.

While the degree of discomfort experienced during the procedure depends on the individual, great care is taken to minimize uncomfortable sensations. Most women compare the feeling to cramps experienced during their monthly menstrual period. In fact, some cramping may occur at the end of the abortion because the uterus is contracting back to its normal size. The cramping generally subsides very quickly. This method provides the LEAST AMOUNT of discomfort.

ADVANTAGES Of the Vacuum Aspiration Method:
Lower risk of complications
Less discomfort
Process completes much more quickly

DISADVANTAGES Of the Vacuum Aspiration Method:
Slightly more expensive


Medical Abortion (the Pill)

If you choose the pill, there are additional steps involved, but some of the procedure takes place away from the office (presumably, at home).

ADVANTAGES Of the Pill Method:
Somewhat lower cost
The "perception" of the procedure taking place at home

DISADVANTAGES Of the Pill Method:
Somewhat higher risk of complications
Greater level of discomfort
Process stretches over days


We are proud to say that the West End Women's Medical Group is the ONLY Medical Office in Reno Certified by the National Abortion Federation.

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