Possible Complications of First Trimester Abortion:

Level of Risk

First trimester abortion (under 12 weeks of pregnancy) is the most commonly performed surgical procedure in the United States.  Statistically, abortion is a very safe procedure. Serious complications rarely occur. Hospitalization for treatment of a serious post-abortion complication is very rare.

For example, as compared to the abortion pill (medical abortion) surgical abortion has very little pain or bleeding and the procedure takes minutes as compared to several days.

Authorization and Consent

As for any other surgical procedure, all patients will be required to sign an Authorization and Consent Form for abortion services rendered at the West End Women's Medical Group. The consent includes the risks and complications that can result from the abortion.

The abortion procedure used at the West End Women's Medical Group is the simplest and most modern method of pregnancy termination.

We are proud to say that the West End Women's Medical Group is the ONLY Medical Office in Reno Certified by the National Abortion Federation.

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